Dialogue as a solution to solve an issue

Focused on action, organisations often consider dialogue as a waste of time (although they may publicly praise it!). Is it because they lose time in so-called conversations that are in fact mere top-down communications? True dialogue is rare. It is not about putting forth one’s own opinion and desperately sticking to it. It is first and foremost about listening – active listening. And accepting that our vision of situations and people are not necessarily shared and that disagreements can be of immense value.

Philosophy creates the right conditions for deep and constructive dialogue, thanks to very operational and practical tools such as:

– Suspending judgement : this means being able to practice active listening, not only understanding where the other is talking from (frame of reference, emotions) but also to be ready to question what we hold for certain.

– Thinking with others : this means discovering that others are vital to our own thinking and that truth is in co-construction.

The best response to an issue arises from the plurality and complementarity of ideas. It is together that we can build the most appropriate solutions.


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